“After Watergate, which happened when I was in college, I became increasingly inspired by journalism as a way to change the world. It sounds corny, but I wanted to wake the public up, to serve a higher cause.” -David Talbot 

Trailer for All The President’s Men

Song: Boys and Girls, We’re Being Lied To

Written and performed by The Truth Sleuth’s

We as a society rely heavily on media outlets to gain information and build our knowledge on almost everything that goes on in the world. From news to print, from radio to film, media have a huge impact on the way that we as consumers view historical events. In our day and age, many people forgo researching and reading for themselves to discover how things in our history actually occurred, instead opting to watch a feature length film and trusting that its content is accurate and credible. If media misrepresents information or allows their bias’ to interfere with presenting a factual account of what happened, we are the ones who suffer. Media have the ability to frame an event and show a story from one specific point of view, causing consumers to see an event in a particular way. Historical events are also susceptible to gate-keeping as media decide what to include or leave out in their rendition of an event. With such a heavy reliance on media to gather information, it is important for media, such as films, to strive towards representing historical events as accurately as possible to avoid creating a misinformed society.

With so much riding on media’s ability to accurately re-tell history, the Truth Sleuth’s decided to see how well history is being represented in one particular film. We have completed a deep analysis of the film All The President’s Men, an account of the investigative journalism at the Washington Post that lead to the uncovering of one of the greatest government scandals in history, the Watergate scandal. We have delved into the film to analyze the accuracy with which the true historical events that transpired at the Washington Post have been represented on screen. Additionally, we have dissected the text of the film to uncover themes and frames that could manipulate the way viewers interpret these historical events.

We count on media to tell us the truth and inform us on important issues. We need to do this, however, with a critical eye. To check how well media is doing this, we have taken on the task of performing our own investigation into the portrayal of All The President’s Men.

The real staff of the Washington Post


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