The Truth Sleuths Unveiled

Who are the Truth Sleuths? Read here to find out!

Jordan Gee

My name is Jordan Gee. I’m a junior at Utah State University. My major is Elementary Education and Deaf Education. I grew up in Victor, Idaho. Being lucky enough to grow up in the shadow of the Tetons and Grand Targhee, I adore skiing. I have two little sisters. Writing is my passion, along with painting and drawing.  I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, and will strive towards that. I love to run and hope to eventually be able to run a marathon. I’m a bookworm and devour every book I get my hands on. I live through music; the Beatles currently hold the position of being my all-time favorite. I hope to travel the world at some point in my life.

Before Project #3: I had heard of the Watergate scandal, but honestly didn’t know much more than that. I knew it was some sort of government conspiracy, but no details sprung out to me. After watching All the President’s Men, I really got a grasp on the facts surrounding the scandal. I had never heard of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein before and had no idea the Washington Post was the first newspaper to spring onto the issue and begin an investigation. I feel like I learned more about the scandal during this project than I ever would have in a classroom. Due to all of the research we did prior to and following the film, I gained a great insight into what went on during Nixon’s presidency. I really enjoyed this project and the knowledge I gained from it.

Role in Project #3: I was in charge of writing the background of the Watergate scandal, along with each individual character analysis. I researched the scandal itself and each major player involved in the scandal. Along with Hillary, I researched fun facts for the film. I played a part in delving into the themes and frames, along with a bit into similarities and differences comparing the film and history. I also helped with editing the blog.

Kyle Heywood

Kyle Heywood. I’m in my fourth year at Utah State University. After three years as a biotechnology major I’m switching to Journalism/Communications. I grew up in Morgan, Utah and love the similar feeling I get in Cache Valley. My wife and I have been married for almost two years. I have started two companies and also work with special needs students at a local high school. My favorite things are camping, fishing, sports, music, Aggie football and basketball games, and ice cream.

My knowledge of the Watergate scandal prior to this project consisted, ironically, of what happened in the movie Forrest Gump. I learned what Watergate was, how it became uncovered and what transpired because of the scandal through the movie All the President’s Men. As has been stated in our blog, we were able to delve deeper into the facts about the scandal than just what is presented in the movie. I have been incredibly impressed with the commitment to accuracy the filmmakers had. I recognize that most films do not have this attention to detail and facts. Thus, it is even more important to do personal research when viewing films based on historical events.

Role in Project 3: I did a review on Journalistic Ethics used by Woodward, Bernstein and the editors of the Washington Post compared to the SPJ Code of Ethics. I also worked with Addison Hall on the similarities and differences between the film and actual events.

Hillary Dodd

Dodd’s the name. Hillary Dodd. All right, that was an incredibly lame  James Bond reference, but please keep reading. I am an all natural cache-valley-ite! I adore this lush little valley and all it has to offer; it’s astonishing array of cheeses, it’s lovely mountain scenery. I could go on. Despite these rarities, I flew to Oahu, Hawaii upon graduating high school and attended BYU Hawaii for a year and a half. As wonderful as this paradisaical island was, something was tugging at me to return to Utah State; my wallet. And I am very happy to be a student here at USU. I am a Public Relations major with an adventurous spirit and a passion for diversity. I like to wear skirts and dresses, I love telling people what to do, and I love being active; running, soccer, ping-pong, you name it. I aspire to produce an album, be a teacher, travel the world, and enjoy every minute of the journey.

Before Assignment #3, I hardly knew any facts at all about the Watergate scandal. I knew that it lead to President Nixon’s resignation, but didn’t know the many details and intensive detective work that occurred between. The entire movie provided new insight. I had no idea who Woodward and Bernstein were previous to watching All the President’s Men, and now realize that without them, we as a country may never have discovered the political scandal that was happening right under our noses. It has changed the way I view journalism, and has inspired me in my degree. It has also challenged the way I view the government, and made me look at media more critically.

Role in Project 3: I wrote and performed the song on the blog and presentation. I did extensive research and writing for the themes and frames section of the blog. I also researched fun facts about All the President’s Men and worked on Differences and Similarities as well. In the presentation, I performed the song about Watergate and discussed the frame concerning sexism towards women present in the film. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the projects completed and feel as if I have learned the importance of critically analyzing all forms of media around me.
Clayton Leuba

I am Clayton Leuba. I was born and raised in Kaysville, UT. I haven’t  spent a single summer at home since I was 14. From the ages of 15-19 I worked at scout camps throughout California, Idaho and Utah. I was able to spend this last summer living in the Tuscan countryside of Italy, volunteering at a group home run by the Waldensian church in return for food and a place to stay. I was fortunate to be able to travel extensively through Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. I am a rock climber. If I am not in class or working (I crochet professionally), you can find me in the climbing gym training or out on the rocks pushing my limits.

Before viewing All The President’s Men I didn’t know very much about the Watergate investigation. My only real knowledge before viewing the film was that the Watergate scandal resulted in President Nixon’s resignation, beyond that I looked to the film to gain any other information about the events that transpired in the 1970’s. From the film I deducted that Woodward and Bernstein were the hero’s who stepped up and uncovered the wrong doings of President Nixon and his men. For the sake of entertainment I enjoyed the mystery/investigation theme that was represented in the film as well as the incorporation of the true historical events helping to educate unknowing viewers.

Role in Project 3: My biggest role for project 3 was completing excruciating amounts of research and applying the factual accounts told by the New York Times as well as the Washington Post to compare the film to. I also was responsible for much of the content in themes and frames as well as the writer and director analysis. It was also my job to create each individual movie clip and arrange them onto a DVD.

Addison Miles Toca Hall

My name has already been stated. I was born in Sacramento California and have lived in South Orange County for the last 10 years. I am fluent in both English and Portuguese as I spent two years in Brazil recently. My hobbies include reading, writing, beard-growing, ping-pong and swing dance. Basically I rock at all of those things and accept ping-pong challenges at any time; in any place. I am a frequent reader of internet comics and an avid Sailor Moon fan. I firmly believe Tuxedo Mask to be the best superhero there ever was. I am going into journalism and have a minor in business, Portuguese and mad science.

Before this project I had heard of the Watergate scandal but hadn’t known many of the details. I knew that both Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein existed and wrote for the Washington Post but that was about the extent of my knowledge. I was excited when my group got the chance to watch and analyze the film because I’d heard about it before and seen a very small part of it. I was not disappointed.

The film gave me a good understanding of the incident because, while I already knew some of the key points I didn’t know how everything tied in. I learned how deep the conspiracy went and a little about how the government reacted.

Unfortunately nothing in the film challenged much of how I already believed. I already thought that President Nixon lied terribly to the United States and this film only confirmed that. The only thing that really challenged my previously held beliefs on the subject were the things like how the reporters went about gathering information. I didn’t previously know how difficult it was to get a source to talk.

Role in Project 3: My role in this project was to cover and afterwords edit the similarities and differences between the film and real life alongside Kyle Heywood. This included rummaging through our notes and files to find out about some of the key players who were not in the film or portrayed erroneously. Most of my work is under the “differences” tab in our blog. I also worked on the project outline.


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