Barry Sussman

Barry Sussman served as the Washington Post’s District of Columbia editor. He joined the Post in 1965, eventually working his way up to city editor. According to “The Watergate Three,” Managing Editor Howard Simons gave Sussman the choice of two reporters to follow Watergate in July following the Democratic National Convention. Sussman’s choices were Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. “Their partnership began by accident. Sussman paid an unusual Saturday visit to the office last June 17 after learning that five men had been arrested that morning while breaking into Democratic headquarters. He borrowed Bernstein from the Virginia desk to check the five suspects and called in Woodward for help.” Time Magazine. A timeline of Sussman’s life can be found here


Washington Post’s Barry Sussman

In the film, All the President’s Men, Barry Sussman was looked over. He was not given a part in the movie, despite the large role he played in the Watergate Scandal, along with Woodward and Bernstein. This proves that the filmmakers dramatized the story, making it seem as if Woodward and Bernstein had little or no assistance from anyone inside the Washington Post. This dramatization serves as a Hollywood-esque romanticizing of the history itself, and makes the viewer believe the scandal was looked over by the Post until the end of the film, when Woodward and Bernstein’s findings prove to be accurate.

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