Bob Woodward

Born March 26, 1943 as Robert “Bob” Upshur Woodward in Geneva, Illinois, Woodward became an integral reporter for the Washington Post. He was hired by the Post in September of 1971. Being only employed for a mere eight months before the infamous Watergate Scandal took place, it was sheer dedication and will power for the Post that maintained his important position regarding the scandal. The work that Woodward did with Bernstein in investigating the Watergate scandal set a new standard for all investigative journalism . Woodward’s passion shined throughout the movie, All the President’s Men and assisted in depicting him as a journalist trying to uncover the truth. Throughout the entire movie, Woodward was shown using unnamed sources such as the man known as “Deep Throat” for his reports, and upon further investigation, we found that to be accurate. He preferred to use first-hand accounts, interviews and notes to piece together his stories. Woodward’s complete biography can be found here.

 A young Bob Woodward at the Washington Post

Robert Redford as Bob Woodward in All the President’s Men

In All the President’s Men, Robert Redford portrays Bob Woodward as a confident man who takes charge. He is shown as the “hero” of the story. However, a few character traits were left out of the film, which make up Woodward’s personality. In the article, “Woodstein Meets Deep Throat,” it quotes Woodward as, “a registered Republican, was cautious, an awkward writer and shy interviewer.” In one part of the movie Bernstein takes Woodward’s story from the desk of the editor to make improvements to the story. This highlights the fact that Woodward was new to the Post, and that he still had a lot to learn from his colleagues.


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