Judy Hoback

Merely known as “the bookkeeper” in All the President’s Men, Judy Hoback was a main source for the Watergate reports written by Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. As one of the CRP’s bookkeepers directly under Maurice Stans, she had direct access to accounts and what was being done in spite of President Nixon. Hoback contacted the FBI first, considerably earlier than her boss, Sloan Jr. She informed investigators about money being disbursed to Liddy and others, along with the shredding of ledgers and important documents that would incriminate the committee. Hoback’s full biography can be read at here.

Jane Alexander as Judy Hoback in All the President’s Men

Judy Hoback in 1972 (left) and present (right)

In All the President’s Men, Judy Hoback is viewed as not being as pertinent to the story as is historically accurate. Due to her not even being named in the film, it makes it seem as if she was not a vital part of the story. When speaking to Carl Bernstein, he speaks to her very softly and uses letters standing for the last name for her to coax verification of the involvement of members of the CRP in illegal actions. This shows her as being unintelligent or in some way inferior, when she was not at all unintelligent.


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