Donald H. Segretti

In 1972, Donald H. Segretti held the title as the CRP’s political operative. Segretti was hired to run a slew of dirty tricks, dubbed as “ratfucking” against the Democratic party. Segretti was born September 17, 1941 in San Marino, California. He later studied law at the University of Southern California. After leaving university Segretti became a lawyer in California. His friend and former classmate Dwight L. Chapin found employment at the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in Los Angeles. A senior figure at the agency was was H. R. Haldeman. In 1968, Haldeman went to work for Richard Nixon as the president’s chief of staff. Along with Chapin, Segretti attended the university along with Ronald Ziegler, who later became White House press secretary and assistant to the President. More on Segretti’s involvement with the Muskie campaign and other smears here.


Donald H. Segretti

Segretti in All the President’s Men

All the President’s Men showed Donald Segretti as feeling regret for his actions. It made it seem as if he didn’t know what he was getting himself into, or the full extent of the repercussions resulting from the “ratfucking.” However, an accurate depiction of Segretti is that he was recruited especially for these dirty tricks and he knew what he was doing all along. The film failed to show this. On 27th October, 1972, Time Magazine published an article claiming that it had obtained information from FBI files that Dwight Chaplin had hired Segretti to disrupt the Democratic campaign. The following month Carl Bernstein interviewed Segretti who admitted that E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy were behind the dirty tricks campaign against the Democratic Party (Spartacus Educational).


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